WeighBridge India

Wireless Junction Box

Wireless Junction Box has now come up with wireless technology. This product is useful for both industrial & public weigh bridges. In this system Junction Box & Weight Indicator works on wireless technology, hence there will not be any cable connection between Junction Box & Weight Indicator.


Reduces Faults

Prabhat Wireless communication between Junction Box & Weight Indicator helps in reducing faults related with lightning strikes & voltage surges.

Less Maintenance

Prabhat Problem due to cable joints, breakage / ageing of cable, sinking of cable in water will be avoided.

Helps in attaining better accuracy

Prabhat Disturbance in output signal of Junction Box due to electrical noise will get reduce. Thus the signal receive at indicator’s end is same as it was transmitted by Junction Box. This results in attaining better accuracy.

Field Programmable Configuration Setting

Field programmable configure setting allows easy field replaceability and multiple installation in a same premises.

Very Easy Configuration Setting

Prabhat The Configuration of Weight Indicator & Wireless Junction Box is a very easy process. Even a person without any technical knowledge can do it easily.

Long Distance

CThe distance between Wireless Junction Box & Weight Indicator can be upto 50 mt

Hardware Requirements

  • Prabhat Wireless Junction Box: Load cell will be connected to Wireless Junction Box. 230 Volt AC Power supply is to be provided to this.
  • Prabhat Weight Indicator with Wireless Module: This will be installed at a distance away from Wireless Junction Box without any cable connection. A power supply will be required for its operation.

Note:- Option of Wireless Indicators is available with IT (Analog Load Cell) , IIT (Digital Load Cell) and Digitizer