WeighBridge India

Weight Indicator AND-USB Model

Weight Indicator AND-USB is a smart terminal for weighing application manufactured by Prabhat India. The purpose of this terminal is to provide facility of data entry and ticket printing.


USB Port for Keyboard

Prabhat Eliminates the use of outdated PS-2 keyboard, whose availability will be a problem in future.

USB Port for Pen Drive

Prabhat Insert Pen-drive in the USB port & transfer data into pen-drive. Details in the Pen-Drive will be stored in Excel format.

Built-in SMS feature

Prabhat User can switch to SMS option any time, just need to attach Modem with the indicator.

2 Lac Weighment Records

Prabhat Higher memory eliminates the need of data erasing to accommodate new weighment records.

20 step calibration with random load sequence

Prabhat Higher weighment accuracy can be achieved, and all defects in load cell & structure can be rectified to a great extent.

Field programmable Pre-printed tickets

Prabhat Customized tickets can be programmed in the field. No need for factory programme in EPROM. It saves time & hassel of inventory management for field support.

Time Report

Prabhat Details of Time & Date of both the weighments in the report helps in better analysis of weighment data.

10 Ticket entry

More information can be entered with each weighment for data processing.

Agriculture Produce Application

Prabhat India In-built agriculture produce application for rate amount karda. Useful application for Cotton ginning industries, Grain industries, Sugar industries.

Vehical Wise Working

Prabhat Second weight of vehicle will be done by his vehicle no. instead of RST no.

Multiple Passwords for operation

Different password are required to enable/disable any feature. This eliminates unauthorized access of indicator.

LCD with backlight control & LED brightness control


Processor: 500 Kg to 10,000 Kg

Processor Clock: 50 MHZ.

Input Woltage: 90 – 270V AC at 50/60 Hz

Real Time Clock: Inbuilt Battery backed RTC

Perial Port: RS232

USB Ports: 2 nos for Key board and Pendrive

Protection: (1) Input Line filter for EMI and RFI suppression.
(2) Opto-isolation of signals for high immunity from external electrical noise.