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Weighbridge Installation

We specialize in the installation of high-quality weighbridges for accurate and reliable weighing of goods and vehicles. Our experienced team ensures that the weighbridge is properly installed and calibrated to provide precise weight measurements in various industrial and commercial applications.

Weighbridge Maintenance

Our comprehensive weighbridge maintenance services ensure the smooth functioning of your weighing equipment. We conduct regular inspections, calibration, and repairs to keep your weighbridge in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing its accuracy and efficiency.

Weighbridge Calibration

Our expert technicians perform precise weighbridge calibration to ensure accurate weight measurements. We utilize advanced calibration techniques and equipment to verify and adjust the calibration of your weighbridge, maintaining its compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Weighbridge Repair

Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle weighbridge repairs of various complexities. We diagnose and resolve issues with load cells, digital displays, software, and other components to ensure that your weighbridge functions optimally and meets your weighing requirements.

Weighbridge Services

We specialize in providing reliable weighbridge services for accurately weighing truck loads. Our experienced team ensures precise measurements and efficient handling of weighbridge operations. With our state-of-the-art weighbridge equipment and professional expertise, we help businesses optimize their logistics and ensure compliance with weight regulations.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and address any concerns related to your weighbridge operations. Whether you need technical support, troubleshooting, or guidance, we are committed to ensuring your weighbridge functions smoothly and reliably at all times.


Initially developed by German engineers, Orthotropic design is a creative invention for weigh bridges. Orthotropic design weigh bridge structures not only offered excellent structural characteristics, but are also economical to build. Engineers from around the world utilize this practical and reliable system for all types of weigh bridges. The performance of Closed Orthotropic design weigh bridges have proven to be excessively better as compare to conventional girder based structures.


Closed Orthotropic Beams Customized orthotropic beams designed precisely for the purpose of truck scale application. These orthotropic beams are a global norm today and India-leaders like Weighbridge India are aggressively using these designs across all over India.

Superior Paint The structure incorporates epoxy based paint with dual paint coats to give a superior finish and long life to the structure to give excellent results in the long run.

Designing and Testing Designing superior structures with precise designing using latest CAD and CAE procedures. Non Destructive Test methods are used to test the strength of each fabricated structure in actual loaded condition.

Superior Quality Material Branded steel of SAIL / ESSAR / TATA-BSK material with high tensile characteristic is use in fabrication. High quality mig welding is done for joining the closed orthtropic beams with top plate. This assures better performance in long run.

Fast & Easy Installation No nut-bolts is required for joining the modules of the structure. Just need to place the modules in the column provided at the end of modules.

No Corrosion Closed orthotropic design does not allows air and water to come inside, thus there is no chance of corrosion inside the beam.

Actual Pictures

Structure Diagram

WeighBridge Assembly

Available Sizes

S No. Platform Size
(m * m)
1 9.0m x 3.0m 60 T
2 12.0m x 3.0m 80 /100 T
3 13.5m x 3.0m 80 /100 T
S No. Platform Size
(m * m)
4 15.0m x 3.0m 100 T
5 16.0m x 3.0m 100/120 T
6 18.0m x 3.0m 120/200 T

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