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Orthotropic (U-Beam) Weigh Bridge

Initially developed by German engineers, Orthotropic design is a creative invention for weigh bridges. Orthotropic design weigh bridge structures not only offered excellent structural characteristics, but are also economical to build. Engineers from around the world utilize this practical and reliable system for all types of weigh bridges. The performance of Closed Orthotropic design weigh bridges have proven to be excessively better as compare to conventional girder based structures.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Our manufacturing unit encompasses an area of 30000 Sq. Ft., equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and latest technology. We always strive for the highest quality standard specifications for manufacturing truck scale structures. Our valuable experience, innovative perception and a strong execution team of professionals & skilled manpower helps us in fulfilling customer’s requirements.
  • Our strengths in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering, metallurgy and welding mechanisms. Availability of world class heavy machinery for production. Advanced technical capabilities. Efficient and robust material handling equipments. Progressive management skills.
Available Sizes
S.NO. Platform Siz(m x m) Capacity (MT)
1 9.0m x 3.0m 60 T/80 MT
2 12.0m x 3.0m 80 /100 MT
3 13.5m x 3.0m 80 /100 MT
4 15.0m x 3.0m 100 MT
5 16.0m x 3.0m 100/120 MT
6 18.0m x 3.0m 120/200 MT
7 24.0m x 3.0m 120/200 MT

Structures for Truck Scales

Our Truck Scale Structures are factory-produced through high grade HT steel plates of SAIL/Essar/Tata make having yield strength of atleast 50%more than the commercially available steel plate. The mechanical structure consists of a series of modules, which is manufactured by using closed-rib orthotropic sections. These sections along with the deck and side plates are seal welded through MIG welding. This makes the structure very stiff and increases its corrosion resistance. This optimum engineering possess high load bearing capacity to structure weight ratio, prevailing Factor of Safety (FOS) ≥1.5 for IS:2062 grade steel used for structural fabrication. On comparison, it has been evaluated that Orthotropic sections have much more strength than I-beam and U- beam. The farthest point of these I-beams structures gets buckled due to consistent heavy load. The closed-rib orthotropic section geometry offers even load distribution through out the structure. When there is concentrated loading on the structure, there is minimum deflection and the load is always transferred vertically on the load cells. This results in highly accurate weighment. Afterwards the complete structure undergoes through a pre-treatment process and double painted by an anti- corrosive epoxy based primer on all sides.

Structure For Truck


  • Closed Orthotropic Beams.
  • Superior Paint.
  • Designing and Testing.
  • Superior Quality Material.
  • Fast & Easy Installation.
  • No Corrosion.
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Note: Option of this Weigh Bridge is available with

1) Analog Load Cell (See specification of product in Product Catelog)

2) Digital Load Cell (See specification of product in Product Catelog)